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There are many questions that surround a pending divorce that are certainly going through your head right now. Please take the time to review this page and allow an experienced divorce  attorney to outline the process, answer some of your questions, and when you are ready, schedule a free consultation. 

Divorce Lawyer / Divorce Attorney: I am considering divorce…
If you are considering a divorce at this time, it is extremely important that you contact me, an experienced divorce attorney, today so we may sit down and prepare for litigation. As your divorce attorney, I want you to know that preparation does not merely entail filing for divorce. Your actions, and the actions of your spouse, prior to filing for divorce can have a major impact on the court’s decision in your case when it comes to child custody, possession of property, child support, payment of debts, alimony, and even payment of attorney’s fees and costs. Walking into court with the proper preparation, legal advice, evidence, and an experienced Oklahoma divorce lawyer will significantly help you when it comes to contested matters. You will be finding the best divorce lawyer in the area when you hire me. 

Divorce Lawyer: I have been served…
Most likely, if you have already been served, you have read through the documents and have many concerns, questions, and are wondering how you can respond. First and foremost, do not sign anything and send it back to your spouse’s divorce lawyer. Come and see me for a free consultation and let me answer your questions for you. There also may be a court hearing already set and the sooner you retain a divorce lawyer, the more time we have to respond and prepare for the hearing. Your spouse has probably received preparation from his or her divorce lawyer and you need to be prepared as well. It is imperative that you start getting prepared today. Additionally, if you fail to properly respond within twenty (20) days, or if you fail to appear at court, your spouse is likely to get everything he or she has asked for. Do not let this happen to you! Divorce is not the end of the world, although it may feel like it right now. 

My First Hearing…
Generally, you will have your first court appearance anywhere from five (5) to thirty (30) days after being served or your filing. By retaining an experienced divorce attorney in Oklahoma, you will go into the hearing prepared. You may still be nervous about appearing or the unknown outcome; however, you will go in there with an attorney that knows family law, that understand your position, that will be honest with you about what the potential outcome will be, and will be prepared to negotiate with opposing counsel prior to the hearing to work on a settlement. You can expect to meet with me the week of your initial court appearance to discuss your matter and prepare you for court. We will gather and prepare necessary exhibits that relate to child custody, possession of property, child support, payment of debts, support alimony, and requests for attorney’s fees. When we arrive at court, our goal is to always leave there with the best possible outcome, whether through negotiations, or through decree from the judge.

Divorce Lawyer: Preparation for Trial…
Prior to trial, there is an extensive amount of work that goes into preparation. First, we gather information through a process known as Discovery. Discovery can be very extensive and time consuming for both the Divorce lawyer, and the client. It is important that it is completed properly and timely. You will be kept informed of all discovery related issues when working with me and you will remain involved in the process. Discovery allows us to build the financial picture of the marital estate, as well as, prepare for mediation or trial on child custody, visitation, child support, and support alimony issues.

Divorce Lawyer: Mediation…
I encourage mediation and some courts actually require it. Meditation is an opportunity for you and your spouse to sit and attempt to reach a settlement on all issues. Sometimes, we are unable to reach settlement on all issues; yet, we are able to settle some, or even a majority of issues. That being said, mediation is an extremely cost effective way to settle your case. It is important that you have an experienced divorce attorney by your side during the meditation process.

If your case is unable to settle at mediation or through informal negotiations, your case will be set for trial. This will be the final hearing in which the court will settle all issues not resolved in mediation. This is our opportunity to present all evidence related to assets, debts, child custody, visitation, child support, support alimony, and attorney fees. It is also the time in which all relevant witnesses will be brought to court to testify on your behalf. Getting prepared for trial does not happen overnight and having an experienced divorce attorney on your side will ensure we are ready to go when it is time for trial. The court, at this time, will issues its orders finalizing the divorce and settling all issues. It is very important that when you go to trial, you have a divorce attorney that has prepared you and your case for this big day.

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This is just a brief overview of what you can expect when it comes to your divorce. Obviously, no case is the same and the quicker we are able to set you up with the right advice and courses-of-action, the better prepared you will be if we make it trial. Call me today and schedule your free consultation with an experienced Family and Divorce Lawyer. 405-492-4441.  

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