Areas of Practice

Oklahoma Adoptions

 There are times when a step-parent, or family members, have raised a child.  Making your family whole is the next logical step.  Let us help you through the Oklahoma Adoption process so you can move forward as legally recognized family.

Oklahoma City Divorce Lawyer

From high asset divorce cases to uncontested Oklahoma divorces, let us walk you through the legal process so you may walk away with everything that is rightfully yours.  Preparing your case from day one is imperative for success.

Oklahoma Child Custody

 Whether Joint Custody is appropriate between two parents that are able to co-parent, or sole custody is necessary due to domestic violence or the other parent's poor decision making, we can guide you through the litigation process to help you achieve your desired results. 

Oklahoma Child Support

Child Support is an important part in ensuring a child has the resources for the necessities of life.  Allow us to assist you in you to ensure an appropriate order is entered.

Oklahoma Guardianship

When a child is need of a stable home, be that with a guardian, or returning to the parent, it is necessary to hire a legal professional to navigate Oklahoma Guardianship Laws.

Oklahoma Military Attorney

As an Air Force Veteran, Mr. Swartzberg offers a 20% hourly rate discount to all military veterans.  Your service is appreciated and will never go unrecognized.