Michael, Oklahoma City, OK

I had the unfortunate event of a 4 year long divorce and child custody case that I had almost given up hope on when I finally found Andrew! This man not only cares about his clients but he is by far the most knowledgeable and well prepared attorney I've met to date. Over the last 4 years, I had tried multiple different attorneys to get a fair visitation schedule for my little girl.  After hiring Andrew, my nightmare case finally ended quickly, peacefully and easily only because of this man and his approach to law. I will never look again for another attorney.  Client for life. 

Anne, Oklahoma City, OK

I hired Andrew, thanks to extensive research and positive reviews, for my child custody case.  He has blown me away with his knowledge, skills and perseverance.  He has been my knight in shining armor. He listened to my worries, fears and deeply cared about my daughters and myself. He is absolutely amazing. If you need a caring, and yet hardcore attorney, hire Andrew. I promise you will not be disappointed! 

S.R., Oklahoma City, OK

 We hired Andrew for our custody/adoption.  We could not have asked for a better person to represent us.  Not only is Andrew professional and knowledgeable, he is also understanding and informative.  He went out of his way to keep us informed.  He let us know step by step what to expect, which helped ease anxiety.  We are grateful for all he has done for us and our family. 

Guardianship, Norman, Oklahoma

I simply cannot put into words the amount of gratitude I have for Andrew Swartzberg. We had a very complex & complicated case; a non-parental battle for guardianship involving a child from another state. Occasionally in life, we meet people who were clearly born to do a specific job...Andrew is without a doubt no exception. Throughout our case there were some incredibly intense and stressful moments. Andrew had a miraculous way of calming and reassuring me (which is not easy to do); even my husband was blown away...said that in itself must be a gift from God ;)